B for Bedtime Stories


Tell me the Day Backwards

by Albert Lamb and illustrated by David McPhailGreat idea for a bedtime story. Written as a conversation between Mama bear and her cub. Lovely illustrations


 Goodnight Moon
By Margaret Wise Brown. Pictures by Clement Hurd
A classic bedtime story


No trouble at all
By Sally Grinley. Illustrated by Eleanor Taylor
Should be on every grandparents shelf. Cute and funny


Tell me something happy before I go to sleep
By Joyce Dunbar. Illustrated by Debi Gliori
Great story. Beautiful illustrations


Who will tuck me in tonight?
By Carol Roth
Comforting and reassuring. Cute pictures


A Very Curious Bear written

by Tony Mitton and illustrated by Paul Howard.
Nice Rhyming bedtime story written in a dialogue between a bear and a cub. Cute pictures.

love waves

Love Waves

by Rosemary Wells
Lovely comforting story with cute pictures. A must have.


Mother, Mother, I Want Another

written by Maria Polushkin Robbins and illustrated by Jon Goodell
Mother thought it was another mother and I thought it was another story…


Goodnight Sam

Written and illustrated by Marie-Louise Gay

Sweet dreams will follow this cute story with the beloved characters of Sam and his older sister Stella. Will be appreciated by the fans of Joyce Dunbar’s Willa and Willoughby


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