My Favorite Children’s Books Starting with the Letter Q

I found an author:

Quinlan, Patricia

 to be fair I can not say that she is my favorite author starting with the letter Q. I read three of her books and my favorite  was:

Emma’s Sea Journey

illustrated by Jirina Marton

A journey into the imagination can do wonders to daily life boredom. Set in Glace Bay, Cape breton Nova Scotia



A shortage of letter Q

Oh ! the letter Q
What have I got myself into?
An author stating with Q
I am afraid I don’t have a clue

I am not just going to google it because when I started this I set some rules for myself. I choose books browsing the shelves of public and school libraries. These books have to appeal to me. Yes, we can judge picture books by their covers. I have to read the books and then choose my favorite ones. Ideally an author, illustrator and title for each letter. As I am doing this alphabetically (we librarians are slightly obsessed with alphabetical order) I am afraid Q will be cut short because I have a very short list to choose from.
I was at the public library a few days ago and when I went to the shelf where the picture books are, I found no letter Q. I have a few titles and no illustrator yet.
I came to the conclusion that there is a shortage of the letter Q


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