My Favorite Children’s Books starting with the letter R

I chose an author and illustrator:

Reynolds, Peter H.

for the Book:

Sky Color


How to draw the sky without blue paint? Who said the sky had to be blue? Imagination, creativity and determination make this book a great life lesson.

A Title:

Rude Ramsay and the Roaring Radishes

by Margaret Atwood

illustrated by Dusan Petricic


This is another one of Margaret Atwood’s “tour de force”, making a story with as many words as possible starting with the letter R.

Finally, I can not talk about the letter R without including a title with a  particular word starting with R . This word is not only found in  many titles but is more than often the first word.  You may have already guessed… the word is rabbit. In fact I will be starting an entire new blog totally devoted to this adorable little creature also known as a bunny.

Here is my favorite Rabbit title (among the books I have read so far since I started this blog)

The Rabbit Problem

by Emily Gravett


A book looking at Fibonacci’s  sequence (determining how many rabbits will be born in a year, starting with a pair of new born rabbits)  . Emily Gravett’s beautiful illustrations are filled with details and creativity. A pop-up page simply reveals that the end result is a big number.


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