My Favorite Children’s Books starting with the letter U

While looking for the letter U, I uncovered the Alphatales series, a unique and unbelievable find (for me!). Yes there is a book for every letter of the alphabet.

Umbrellabird’s Umbrella

by Heather Feldman

illustrated by Nadine Bernard Westcott

The twentieth book of the Alphatales series. A story about a bird who’s difference was once the laugh of the crowd ends up becoming handy. The children will enjoy finding the words starting with the letter U in the amusing illustrations.


The second title I chose is a classic by Hans Christian Anderson

The Ugly Duckling

I read several books retelling the story and chose this version retold and illustrated by

Rachel Isadora

This is a nice simple adaptation of the classic tale. Its simplicity makes it  more suitable for younger children than the original. The illustrations are done in a collage in bright watercolor in an African setting.


I also chose an author and illustrator:

Jackie Urbanovic

who wrote a great series about ducks and illustrated several other books

She created the unique character, Max the duck in Duck and Cover, Duck at the Door, Sitting Duck and Duck Soup

 maxthe duck


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