What comes after Z ?

I started this blog to expand my knowledge of children’s books. I did not count how many books I read or how many times I visited the public library (I  maxed my library card once!) I know that the amount of picture books I have read represent only a small portion of what is out there and I have so much more to read but I definitely know a lot  more about them and I can honestly say that I love picture books!  

I chose my favorite children’s books from A to Z.   What comes after Z ? I could go back to A and start over again or maybe do something else. 

During the month of June I am thinking about it by updating my bibliographies. I also started to participate in the writing 101 challenge.  I am enjoying it and look forward for the daily prompt everyday. 

What comes after Z ? I have a few ideas but before I come back with a brand new phase 2,  I am sharing the list of titles starting with the letter A-M  and N-Z will follow shortly.


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