B is for Boo!

Yes, Halloween is around the corner and there are so many books celebrating that trick or treating night.

Little ones should be prepared for this day because  it could be pretty scary!

Let me tell you what happened when my oldest daughter was two. I tried to prepare her for Halloween the best I could by reading Halloween books and doing Halloween crafts and I made her a costume that was not scary at all. On the big night we had our treats ready (mini boxes of healthy raisins) and we went trick or treating early. My little Red Riding Hood holding her pumpkin (with a box of raisins in it) was ready to brave the night. We came home early so we could see all the other cute costumes but little did I know that the first trick-or-treaters we would get that night would be the ten years old paper boy and his friend wearing a hockey mask and holding a flashlight under their chins. My Little Red Riding Hood had met her big bad wolf and I had not prepared her well enough for it. She had the first fright of her life! and I thought I was ready for Halloween.

Four kids later we now give out chocolates and candies and our costumes have been of all sorts from the classic alien, fairy, ballerina or ghost to characters from books such as Harry Potter, Peter Pan or the Paper Bag Princess and even things like Rubik Cube or Facebook page. I think we’re doing okay.

Are you ready for Halloween ?

Here are my picks

The Fierce Yellow Pumpkin by Margaret Wise Brown

illustrated by Richard Egielski


A story about a happy pumpkin fulfilling its purpose. A good introduction to pumpkin carving.

In The Haunted House by Eve Bunting

illustrated by Susan Meddaugh

A good rhyming book introducing young children to the idea of a haunted house.

Ghosts in the House 

by Kazuno Koharo

This board book is a friendly ghost story with a happy ending.


Alpha Oops! H is for Halloween

by Alethea Kontis and illustrated by Bob Kolar


An abc book where the alphabet puts on a show for Halloween. Each letter has its own costume in this amusing Halloween story. The detailed illustrations revealing each letter’s personality will be enjoyed over and over again.


Monster needs a costume

by Paul Czajak and illustrated by Wendy Grieb

A story about a monster choosing his Halloween costume. An important decision we can all relate to. Illustrated with details and humor.


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