F is for Frost

I met winter this week on my walks to and from work. We watched the sun shine on the fresh fallen snow, listen to the crunching noise of my footsteps and let the crisp fresh air tickle my bones. It was great!

I love Winter. Do you?

Here are some books featuring that beautiful season: 

Jack Frost

by Kazuno Kohara

Jack frost

A book about a beautiful friendship with Winter. The magic of Winter is skillfully expressed in simple blue and white illustrations, silver letters and glittery snowflakes.

A Kitten Tale

written and illustrated by Eric Rohman

A Kitten Tale by Eric Rohmann

A cute book about fearing the unknown or chosing to embrace it. Illustrated in relief and monotype prints

On a Snowy Night

by Jean Little and illustrated by Brian Deines

On a snowy night - JEAN LITTLE - BRIAN DEINES

A beautiful story about a pet rabbit forgotten in the snow finding its way home. Illustrated with oil and linen paintings

Rabbit’s Snow Dance: a traditional Iroquois story

by James and Joseph Bruchac and illustrated by Jeff Newman.

A book about patience and why rabbits have a short cotton tail. Illustrated in watercolor, gouache and ink

The Snow Queen

by  Hans Christian Andersen and retold by Ken Setterington

illustrated by Nelly and Ernst Hofer







This classic fairy tale is presented in seven stories and illustrated in the cut-paper art of scherenschnitt (silhouette), a technique also used by Hans Christian Andersen.

These books offer a description of some of  Winter’s little pleasures:

100 Snowmen

by Jen Arena and illustrated by Stephen Gilpin

100 Snowmen

A rhyming description of the activities of one hundred snowmen and the discovery of an interesting number pattern

Cold Snap

by Eileen Spinelli and illustrated by Marjorie Priceman




The description of the daily life in a small town during the coldest part of the season through busy illustrations done in gouache

A Perfect Day

by Carin Berger

A good description of a perfect Winter day. Beautifully illustrated in a collage



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