A Selection of Christmas Books: an annotated bibliography

Aebersold, Carol V. and Chanda A. Bell

Coë Steinwart

The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas tradition

This family tradition soon to become a classic explains how Santa Claus knows who’s been naughty or good.

Beckham, Andrew

The Lost Christmas Gift

A heartwarming story about childhood  memories and the magic of Christmas

Black, Birdie

Rosalind Beardshaw

Just Right for Christmas

A feel good Christmas story about a red piece of fabric  and its many uses, perhaps inspired by Something from Nothing . Bright colorful illustration

Buck, Pearl S.

Christmas Day in the Morning

This book is a reminder that he best Christmas presents come from the heart

Butler, Christina M.

Tina Macnaughton

One Snowy Night

A beautiful story of friendship and creativity in a touch and feel board book with adorable illustrations.

Evans, Richard Paul

Jacob Collins

The Christmas Candle

A beautiful story showing that a stranger to one is family to another

Evert, Lori

Per Breiehagen

The Christmas Wish

This beautiful story brings the magic of Christmas through photography

Goldman, Dara

Boris and Stella and the Perfect Gift

A nice story inspired by the gift of the magi, combining Christmas and Hanukkah between two friends with different backgrounds. Beautifully illustrated with watercolor.

Hänel, Wolfram

Uli Waas

Christmas for the Snowmen

On Christmas eve, three snowmen want to join the festivities but they soon start to melt and return outside. As they stand alone in the cold, children join them and create the best Christmas ever.

Higgins-Clark, Mary

Wendell Minor

The Magical Christmas Horse

A beautiful and touching story about family relationships saying that home is where the heart is  and that Christmas wishes do come true

Horse, Harry

Little Rabbit’s Christmas

A nice story showing that Christmas is not about getting one’s wish but rather about discovering the rewards of sharing

Joyce, William

Santa Calls

Art, his sister Esther and their friend Spaulding are taken into an intriguing adventure that will make their wishes come true.

Kinerk, Robert

Jim La Marche

Bear’s First Christmas

A beautiful story about the meaning of Christmas through magic and friendship. Beautiful illustrations.

Langen, Annette

Marije Tolman

Our very Own Christmas

When its Christmas time, there is a game Kelly likes to play with her little brother Franklin. They play Mary and Joseph on their journey to Bethlehem. This beautifully illustrated story takes the reader into the playful imagination of a brother and sister.

Matteson, George  and Adele Ursone

James E. Ransome

The Christmas Tugboat : how the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree came to New York City

This book beautifully describes the special journey taken by a tugboat captain and his family to bring the legendary Christmas tree to New York city. The illustrations beautifully show the still cold night up the Hudson River as well as the skyline of New York city.

Major, Kevin

Bruce Roberts

Aunt Olga’s Christmas Postcards

A nostalgic Christmas story bringing two generations together. Aunt Olga shares her collection of Christmas memories and love for poetry with her grand-niece.

Prater, John

Baby Bear’s Christmas Kiss

This beautiful story shows that a Christmas gift can be as simple as a kiss.

Primavera, Elise

Auntie Claus and the Key to Christmas

Companion to the previous book Auntie Claus, this book could have been a good idea but in my opinion it is trying to be too clever

Stainton, Sue

Anne Mortimer

Santa’s Snow Cat

A beautiful Christmas story of friendship and loyalty. beautifully illustrated with full-page illustrations and illustrations around the text. Blue and white are the dominant colors. Includes popular New York City landmarks.

Santa’s Snow Kitten

A sequel to Santa’s Snow Cat. A story about how Snow Cat’s Snow Kitten discovers Santa’s world outside of Santa’s closet. Beautifully illustrated with full-page illustrations and illustrations around the text. Red is the dominant color.

Stanton, Melissa

Jennifer A. Bell

My Pen Pal Santa

Six years old Ava, writes to Santa Claus every month during her kindergarten year and gets a reply to all her letters. The illustrations take us through the seasons and show that Ava always has Christmas in her mind. In my opinion,  the tone of Santa’s letters lacks a little bit of magic.

Tafuri, Nancy

Counting to Christmas

This simple book about Christmas activities will put anyone into the Christmas spirit. Crafts and recipes instructions are included

Thompson, Emma

Eleanor Taylor

The Christmas Tale of Peter Rabbit

This beautiful story inspired by Beatrix Potter’s world finds Peter and his cousin Benjamin saving William the turkey from being the McGregor’s Christmas dinner. Emma Thompson and Eleanor Taylor adopted Beatrix Potter’s style with perfection

Tolkien, J.R.R.

Letters from Father Christmas

A compilation of letters signed by Santa Claus describing life in the North Pole with great details and humour. This book is a gem, a must read.

Walton, Rick

Paige Miglio

Bunny Christmas: a family celebration

A rhyming book about a family of bunnies and their Christmas traditions. Beautiful and detailed illustrations

Whatley, Bruce

The Watchmaker Who Saved Christmas

This story allows the reader to discover how Santa Claus travels the world as a watchmaker repairs Santa’s watch. beautiful detailed illustrations

Warwick, Ellen

Kim Smith

The Twelve Days of Christmas in Canada

This book offers a true Canadian twist to the classic and familiar song. The colorful and detailed illustrations are accompanied by a letter Juliette writes to her father to describe her journey across the country. The last 3 pages present interesting Canadian facts

Westerlund, Kate

Feridun Oral

The Message of the Birds

Simple message well explained and presented in a way that will keep the reader turning the pages

Wise Brown, Margaret

Nancy Edwards Calder

On Christmas Eve

A beautiful story about the anticipation of Christmas morning. Illustrated with beautiful paintings


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