Bibliography: titles starting with the letter P

Pallazo Inverso

Johnson, D.B.

The Paper Dolls

Donaldson, Julia

Rebecca Cobbs

Peep a little book about taking a leap

Van Lieshout, Maria

Peggy and the Cove: the rescue of Peggy

Fraser Ivan

David Preston Smith


Dunbar, Polly

Penguin Cha Cha

by Kristi Valiant

Penguin’s Hidden Talent

Latimer, Alex

The Perfect Hug

Walsh, Joanna

Judi Abbot

A Pet for Petunia

Schmid, Paul

Peter and the Moon

Brière-Haquet, Alice

Célia Chauffrey

Peter Rabbit

Beatrix Potter

Pictures from our vacation

Perkins Lynne Rae

Pierre Le Poof

Beck, Andrea

Pip & Squeak

Schoenherr, Ian


Fisher, Hans (translated by Marianne Martens)

Please Bring Balloons

by Lindsay Ward

The Polka Dot Horse

Thiel, Elizabeth

Terry Milne

The Princess and The Peas and Carrots

Ziefert, Harriet

The Princess and the Sleep Stealer

Elwick Elissa

Prudence and Moxie a tale of mismatched friends

Noves, Deborah

Anna Laura Cantone

Punctuation Takes a Vacation

Pulver, Robin

Lynn Rowe Reed


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