Bibliography listed by illustrators

Abbot, Judi

Walsh, Joanna

The Perfect Hug

Agee, Jon

The Other Side of Town

Alexander, Claire

Back to Front and Upside Down

Alko, Selina

B is for Brooklyn

Anderson, Derek

Thompson, Lauren

Little Quack’s Bedtime

Arnold, Rist

Cutler, Ebbitt

If I were a Cat I would Sit in a Tree

Arnosky, Jim

Rabbits & Raindrops

Arsenault, Isabelle

Maclear, Kyo

Virginia Wolf

Asch, Devin

Asch, Frank

The Daily  Comet Boy Saves the Earth from Giant Octopus

Baker, Keith

1-2-3 peas

Just How Long Can a String Be?


Not Too Alike

Baker-Smith, Grahame

McAllister, Angela

Leon and the Place in Between

Bansch, Helga

I want a dog

Barrager Brigette

Twelve Dancing Princesses

Barrett, Peter

Herriot, James

Moses the Kitten

Barretta, Gene

Jack the Tripper

Base, Graham

The Legend of the Golden Snail

The Eleventh Hour

Bates, Amy

Meyers, Susan

Bear in the Air

Reich, Susanna

Minette’s Feast

Bates, Ivan

McBratney, Sam

There, There

Beard, Alex

Crocodile Tears

Beck, Andrea

Pierre le Poof

Berger, Barbara Helen

Thunder Bunny

Bemelmans, Ludwig

Leaf, Munro


Berry, Holly

Weeks, Sarah

Woof: a love story

Billout, Guy

The Frog who wanted to see the sea

Bishop, Gavin

Mahy, Margaret

Mister, Whistler

Bland, Nick

The Wrong Book

Bloch, Serge

Boudreau, Hélène

I Dare You not to Yawn

Bloom, Suzanne

My Special Day at Third Street School

A Splendid Friend Indeed

Bogade, Maria

Maier, Inger

Ben’s Flying Flowers

Boutavant, Marc

Leuck, laura

For Just One Day

Bowers, Tim

Brennan-Nelson, Victoria Chess

Maestro Stu Saves the Zoo

The Scaredy Cats

Heiligman, Deborah

Cool Dog, School Dog

Braun, Sebastien

Lobel, Gil

Too Small for Honey Cake

Brett, Jan

The Easter Egg

The Hat

The Mitten

Broad, Michael

Forget me Not

Brown, Marc

Sierra, Judy

Wild About Books

Browne, Anthony

Voices in the Park

Bruel, Nick

Little Red Bird

Bulcken Root

Hopkinson, Deborah

Birdie’s Lighthouse

Burton, Tim

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Busby, Alie

Baddiel, Ivor and Jubb, Sophie

Cock-a-Doodle Quack! Quack!

Cabban, Vanessa

Emmett, Jonathan

Bringing Down the Moon

Cantone, Anna Laura

Noves Deborah

Prudence & Moxie a tale of mismatched friends

Carluccio, Maria

Blackstone, Stella

Jump into January, a journey around the year

Carpenter, Nancy

George, Kristine O’ Connell

Emma Dilemma: big sister poems

Catalano, Dominic

Bunting, Eve

Mouse Island

Cate, Annette Leblanc

The Magic Rabbit

Catrow, David

I Ain’t Gonna paint No More!

I Like Myself

Lovell, Patty

Have Fun Molly Lou Lemon

Cecil, Randy

Bluemle, Elizabeth

How do you do the Wokka-Wokka?

My Father the Dog

Joosse, Barbara

Lovabye Dragon

Cepeda, Joe

Pattison, Darcy

The Journey od Oliver K. Woodmnan

Chambliss, Maxie

Higgins, Maxwell

Bubble Bear

Chapman, Jane

Root, Phyllis

One Duck Stuck

Wilson, Karma

Bear’s New Friend

Bear Snores On

Chauffrey, Célia

Brière-Haquet, Alice

Peter and the Moon Translated from French Pierre la Lune

Clarke, David

Dave Keane

Bobby Bramble Looses his Brain

Clifton- Brown, Holly

Hosford, Kate

Big Bouffant

Cobbs, Rebecca

Donaldson, Julia

The Paper Dolls

Cocca-Leffler, Maryann

Jack’s Talent

Cole, Henry

Urban, Linda

Mouse was Mad

Verburg, Bonnie

The Kiss Box

Coplestone, Jim

Peters, Andrew Fusek and Polly

The No-No Bird

Coté, Geneviève

Hart-Sussman, Heather

Noni is Nervous

Covell, David

Rat and Roach Friends to The End

Crews, Nina

Jack and the Beanstalk

The Neighborhood Mother Goose

Crockett, Johnson

Harold and the Purple Crayon

Currey, Anna

Wilson, Karma

Who Goes There?

Cyrus, Kurt

Meadows, Michelle

Hibernation Station

Daly, Niki

Once Upon a Time

Daniel, Alan & Lea

Carter, Anne Laurel

My Home Bay

D’Aulaire, Ingrid & Edgar Parin

The Two Cars

Davis, Jack E.

Just a Minute

Palatini, Margie

Goldie and the Three Hares

Wilson, Karma

Moose Tracks

Davis, Jon

Caron, Levis

Stuck with the Blooz

Dillon, Leo and Diane

Brown, Wargaret Wise

Where Have You Been?

Degen, Bruce

Carlstrom, Nancy White

How do you say it today, Jesse Bear?

De Groat, Diane

Little Rabbit Loose Tooth

Denise, Christopher

Dempsey, Kristy

Me with You

De Palma, Neewell

Bow Wow Wiggle Wiggle

Dewdney, Anna

Llama  Llama Home with Mama

Llama Llama Mad at Mama

Llama Llama Red Pajama

Di Giacomo, Kris

Escoffier, Michael

Rabbit and the Not-So-Big-Bad-Wolf

Dodd, Lynley

Slinky Malinki Cat Flaps

Dodwell, Dayle

Dobson, Starr

My Goat Gertrude

Dorman, Brandon

Perelutsky, Jack

The Wizard

Dormer, Frank W.

The Obstinate Pen

Drescher, Henrik


Dunbar, Polly


Dunrea, Oliver

Old Bear and His Cub

Dutton, Mike

Newman, Lesléa

Donovan’s Big Day

Dyer, Jane

Move Over Rover

Fox, Mem

Time for Bed

Ebbeler, Jeffrey

Leonard, Suzanna Hill

April Fool Phyllis

Ehlert, Lois

Fyleman, Rose


Eley, Robin

Thompson, Lauren

How Many Cats

Elwick, Elissa

The Princess and the Sleep Stealer

Emberley, Michael

Bottner, Barbara

Miss Brooks Loves Books ( and I don’t)

Engel, Christiane

Olsen Brown, Ellen

Oh la la Polka Dots Boots

Erdogan, Buket

Thompson, Lauren

Mouse’s First Spring

Erza Stein, David

 Old Mama Squirrel

Fearnley, Jan

Watch out

Feiffer, Jules

Juster, Norton

The Odious Ogre

Fernandes, Eugenie

Kitten”s Summer

Firehammer, Karla

If the Shoe Fits

Fischer, Hans


Fleming, Denise



Ford, Gilbert

Flying Lessons

Forsythe, Matthew

Dunklee, Annika

My Name is Elizabeth!

Franson, Leanne

Hull, Maureen

Rainy Days with Bear

Fraser, Betty

Hoberman, Mary Ann

The Llama who had no pajama

Hobbie, Holly

Fanny & Annabelle

Frazee, Marla

Garton Scanlon, Liz

All the World

Ray, Mary Lyn

All the Stars

Freeman, Don

One More Acorn

Gal, Susan

Night Lights

Gay, Marie-Louise

Good Morning Sam

On My Island

Rainy Day Magic

Roslyn Rutabaga and the Biggest Hole on Earth

Gerristen, Paula


Gilpin, Stephen

Wright, Maureen

Sneezy the Snowman

Glasser, Robin Preiss

O’Connor, Jane

Fancy Nancy and the Fabulous Fashion Boutique

Gliori, Debi

Always and Forever

Tell Me something Happy Before I go to Sleep

Tell Me What its Like to be Big

The Scariest Thing of All

Goode, Diane

Primavera, Elise

Louise the Big Cheese

Goodell, Jon

Polushkin Robbins, Maria

Mother, Mother I Want Another

Goodrich, Carter

Say Hello to Zorro

Zorro Gets an Outfit

Gorbachev, Valerie

Christopher Counting

Molly Who Flew Away

Roth, Carol

Little Bunny’s Sleepless Night

Gordon, Domenica Moore


Gore, Leonid

The Wonderful Book

Graves, Keith

Palatini, Margie

Moo Who?

Gravett, Emily


Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fear

Meerkat Mail

The Rabbit Problem

Green, Ruth

Noisy Neighbors

Grey, Mini

Three by the Sea

Grimley, Gris

Gaiman, Neil

The Dangerous Alphabet

Haley, Amanda

Schubert, Leda

Reading to Peanut

Hallensleben, Georg

Gutman, Anne

Lisa’s airplane

Banks, Kate

The bear in the Book

Harper, Ruth E. and Leak, Nancy M.

Penn, Audrey

The Kissing Hand

Harvey, Paul

Pugliano Martin, Carol

The Yak who yelled Yuck

Hillenbrand, Will

Pinkwater, Daniel

Bear in Love

Hills, Tad

Rocket writes a Story

Hiltz, Ben

Wolf, Karina

The Insomniacs

Hiltz, Travis

Donovan, Mary Anne

Oak Island: a tale of two treasures

Hodgkinson, Leigh

Goldilocks and Just one bear

Horacek, Judy

Fox, Mem

The Green Sheep

Horrowitz, Dave

Chico the Brave

Howard, Paul

Mitton, Tony

A Very Curious Bear

Hoyt, Ard

Cassanova, Mary

Some Cat!


Tea Rex

Il Sung , Na

A Book of Sleep

Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit

Imai, Ayano


Ingman, Bruce

Cabral, Olga

The Seven Sneezes

Ingraham, Erick

Calhoun, Mary

Blue-Ribbon Henry

Innocenti, Robert

Frisch, Aaron

The Girl in Red

Isadora, Rachel

Ben’s Trumpet

The Ugly Duckling

Iwamura, Kazuo

Hooray for Snow!

Hooray for Spring!

Jeffers, Oliver

The Great Paper Caper

Lost and Found


The Way Back Home

Up and Down

Jeram, Anita

McBratney, Sam

The Adventures of Nutbrown Hare

Guess How Much I Love You

Johnson, D.B.

Bear’s Picture

Henry Builds a Cabin

Henry Hikes to Fitchburg

Henry’s Night

Pallazo Inverso

Johnson, Lynn

Farley Follows his Nose

Johnson, Steve and Faucher, Lou

Palatini, Margie

The Cheese

Jones, Brenda

Choyce, Lesley

Skunks for Breakfast

Jones, Noah Z.

Demas, Corinne

Here Comes Trouble

Joyce, William

George Shrinks

The man in the Moon

The Sand man

Judge, Lita

Red hat

Jutte, Jan

Sleepover at grandma’s House

Kalch, Franziska

Little Old Ladies

Karas, Brian G.

Billingsley, Fanny

Big Bad Bunny

Jenkins, Emily

Lemonade in Winter; a book about kids counting money

Kasza, Keiko

Silly Goose’s Big Story

Kirk, Daniel

Library Mouse: a world to explore

Klassen, Jon

I Want my Hat Back

Knorr, Laura

Ulmer, Wendy

A Isn’t for Fox, an Isn’t Alphabet

Kono, Yara

Martins, Isabel Minhos translated by Maureen De Sousa

Little lamb Have You Any Wool?

Kovalskyi, Maryann

Fitch, Sheree

Mabel Murple

Kredensor, Diane

Ollie & Moon

Krosoczka, Jarrett J.

Annie was Warned

Krupinski, Loretta

Names for Snow

Kulikov, Boris

Teague, David

Franklin’s Big Dream

Kulka, Joe

Wolf’s Coming

Kumako, Sakai

The Snow Day

Lafrance, Marie

Davis, Aubrey

A Hen for Izzy Pippik



Lambert, Sally Anne

Fleming, Candice

Gator Gumbo

Larsen, Andrew

The Imaginary Garden

Latimer, Alex

Penguin’s Hidden Talent

Lavallee. Barbara

Schertle, Alice

All You Need For a Snowman

Lawson, Robert

Leaf, Munroe

The Story of Ferdinand

Wee Gillis

Leathers, Philippa

The Black Rabbit

Lee, Jared

Thaler, Mike

The Substitute Teacher  from the Black lagoon

Lee, Suzy

Klausmeier, Jesse

Open this Little Book

Leffler, Silke

Heinz, Janish

I Have a Little Problem

Why is the Snow White?

Lenten, Steven

Corderoy, Tracey

Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam

Lewin, Betsy

Weeks, Sarah

Two Eggs Please

Lewin, Ted

The Longest Night

Lichtenheld, Tom

Barton, Chris

Shark vs Train

Holub, Joan

Zero the Hero

Levis, Caron


Lies, Brian

Bats at the Beach

Lionni, Leo

Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse

Inch by Inch

Lobel, Anita

One Lighthouse, One Moon

Loonhard, Herb

Lazzaro Knowlton, Laurie

I Know a Librarian Who Chewed on a Word

Lowery, Mike

Murray, Laura

The Gingerbread man Loose in the School

Ryan, Candace

Ribbit, Rabbit

Liwska, Renata

Underwood, Deborah

The Loud Book

The Quiet Book

MacDonald Denton, Kady

Becker, Bonny

A Birthday for Bear

The Sniffles for Bear

A Visitor for Bear

Heidbreder, Robert

A Sea Wishing Day

MacDonald, Ross

Burleigh, Robert

Hit the Road Jack

Mandine, Selma

trad. from French by Michelle Williams

Kiss, Kiss

translation of Bisous Bisous

Mack, Jeff

Good News, Bad News

Westberg Peters, Lisa

We’re Rabbits

Macnaughton, Tina

Butler, Christina M.

One Winter’s Day

Magoon, Scott

The Boy Who Cried Bigfoot!

Manning, Jane

Millie Fierce

Manning, Maurice J.

Laundry Day

Marino, Gianna

Too Tall Houses

Martz, John

Abbott, Bud and Costello, Lou

Who’s on First?

Masse, Josée

Marilyn Singer

Mirror, Mirror

McCarthy, Peter


Henry in Love

Jeremy draws a Monster

McClintock, Barbara

Donofrio, Beverly

Mary and the Mouse, the Mouse and Mary

McCloskey, Robert

Blueberries for Sal


Make Way for Ducklings

One Morning in Maine

McCully, Emily Arnold

Weaver, Tess

Cat Jumped In

McDermott, Gerald

Zomo the Rabbit: A Trickster’s Tale from West Africa

McDonnell, Patrick




Harker, Jillian

I Wish…

McPhail, David


Lamb, Albert

Tell Me the Day Backwards

Melanson, Luc

Audet, Martine

Martin on the Moon

Melo, Esperança

Kulling, Monica

Mister Dash and the Cupcake Calamity

Miglio, Paige

Walton, Rick

Bunnies on the go, getting from place to place

Millward, Gwen

Knapman, Timothy

Guess What I Found in Dragonwood

Milne, Terry

Thiel, Elizabeth

The Polka Dot Horse

Minor, Wendell

George, Jean Craighead


Titcomb, Gordon

The last Train

Moore, Margie

Vestergaard, Hope

Hillside Lullaby

Morgensen, Jan

Kipling, Rudyard

The Elephant’s Child

Morrison, Frank

Latifah, Queen

Queen of the Scene

Morstad, Julie

O’ Leary, Sara

When I Was Small

Mortimer, Anne

Brown, Margaret Wise

Sneakers the Seaside Cat

Day, Nancy Raines

A Kitten’s Year

Steainton, Sue

The Lighthouse Cat

Mullins, Patricia

V is for Vanishing

Murphy, Tom

Bryan, Sean

A Boy and His Bunny

Musinger, Lynn

Numeroff, Laura and Evans, Nate

The Jellybeans and the Big Art Adventure

Natchev, Alexi

Jacques, Brian

The Tale of Urso brunov Little Father of all bears

Newton, Vanessa Brantley

Scanlon, Liz Garton

Think Big

Nidenoff, Michele

Fitch, Sheree

Sleeping Dragons all Around

Odone, Jamison

Mole Had Everything

Oller, Erika

The Cabbage Soup Solution

Ostrom, Bob

St John, Amanda

How an e book works

Oxenbury, Helen

Rosen, Michael

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Waddell, Martin

Farmer Duck

Paparone, Pamela

Lindbergh, Reeve

Nobody owns the Sky

Parker-Rees, Guy

Andrea, Giles

Giraffes can’t Dance

Paschkis, Julie

Apple Cake; A recipe for love

Pearn, Kris

Edward, the Tree Climbing Dog

Pearson, Susan

Cicioli, Christiane

Anna May’s Cloak

Perkins, Lynne Rae

Pictures from our Vacations

Petricic, Dusan

Atwood, Margaret

Princess Prunella and the Purple Peanut

Rude Ramsay and the Roaring Radishes

Larsen, Andrew

In the Tree House

Pfister, Marcus

Rainbow Fish

Philipponneau, Olivier


tanslated by Susan Allen Maurin

Zebedee’s balloon

Phillips, Matt

The Adventures of abby Alligator

Worm’s Wagon

Pin, Isabel

Verlag, Carl Hanser

When I Grow Up  I Will Win the Nobel Prize

Pinfold, Levi

Black Dog

Posthuma, Sieb


Potter, Beatrix

The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin

Pratt, Pierre

Arnold, Marsha Diane

Roar of a Snore

Dods, Dayle Ann

Where’s Pup?

Preston Smith, David

Fraser, Ivan

Peggy of the Cove: the rescue of Peggy

Qualls, Sean

Hughes, Langstrom

Lullaby (for a Black Mother)

Raschka, Chris

Daisy Gets Lost

Rayyan, Omar

Joha Makes a Wish: a Middle Eastern Tale

Rex, Adam

Barnett, Mac

Billy Twitters and his Blue Whale problem

Reynold, Peter H.

Sky Color

Roberts, David

Iggy Peck Architect

Rohr, Stephanie

Rae, Philippa

Count the Sheep to Sleep

Root, Barry

Farish, Terry

The Cat who Liked Potato Soup

Rosenthal, Marc

Making a friend

Rowe Reed, Lynn

Pulver, Robin

Punctuation Takes a Vacation

Rudge, Leila

McKinlay, Meg

No Bears

Rudnicki, Richard

Arsenault, Erin

Gus the Tortoise Takes  a Walk

Runton, Andy

Owly & Wormy Bright Lights and Starry Nights

Sakai, Komako

The Snow Day

Hatsue, Nakawaki

Wait, Wait

Saltzberg, Barney

Andrew Drew and Drew

Santat, Dan

Oh No! not again (or how I built a time machine to save history) ( or at least my history grade)

Sayles, Elizabeth

Krilanovich, Nadia

Moon Child

Schmid, Paul

Hugs from Pearl

A Pet for Petunia

The Wonder Book

Schoenherr, Ian

Pip & Squeak

Scotton, Rob

Splat the Cat

Scruton, Clive

Cheyette Lewison, Wendy

Zack the Lazy Zebra

Selig, Josh

Red and Yellow’s Noisy Night

Shelley, John

Wynn-Jones, Tim

The boat in the Tree

Sif, Brigetta


Slade, Christian

Sayres, Brianna Caplan

Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night?

Smith, Alex T.

Foxy and Egg

Once There Was a House: a House That Was a Home

Sneed, Brad

Aylesworth, Jim

Cock-a-Doodle-Do, Creak, Pop-pop, Moo

Solomon, Heather M.

Weeks, Sarah

If I Were a Lion

Willey, Margaret

The 3 Bears and Goldilocks

Soper, Patrick

Hébert Collins, Sheila

Cendrillon:  A Cajun Cinderella

Staake, Bob

Look! a Book! A Zany Seek and Find Adventure

Lechner, Jack

Mary had a Little Lamp

Stein, Peter

Toys Galore

Stead, Philip C.

?The Bear and the Boat

Steig, William


Stein, David Erza

Love, Mouserella

Stevens, Janet

Help Me Mr. Mutt! Expert Answers for Dogs With People problems

Stimpson, Colin

Jack and the Beanstalk

Stimson, James

Thirteen O’Clock

Stoop, Naoko

Red Knit Cap Girl

Stringer, Lauren

Fox, Mem

Tell Me About Your Day Today

Suber,  Melissa

Meng, Cece

Though Chicks

Tafori, Nancy

The Big Storm: a very soggy counting book

Snowy, Flowy, Blowy: a twelve months rhyme

Taylor, Eleanor

Grinley, Sally

No Trouble at all

Teague, Mark

Dear Mrs LaRue: Letters From Obedience School

Tusa, Tricia

Averbeck, JIm

In a Blue Room

Tyon, Leslie

Ada, Alma Flor

Yours Truly, Goldilocks

Unzner, Christa

The Tiptoe Guide to Tracking Fairies

Urbanivic, Jackie

No Sleep for the Sheep

Duck and Cover

Duck at the Door

Duck Soup

Sitting Duck

Vane, Mitch

Plourde, Lynn

A Mountain of Mittens

Van Lieshout, Maria

Peep a little book about taking a leap

Verplancke, Klass


Verroken, Sarah

Feeling Sad

Villa, Alvaro F.


Visher, Frans


Walker, David

Parenteau, Shirley

Bears in Bed

Bears on Chairs

Wallace, Ian

Davidge, Bud

The Mummer’s Song

Wallace, Mary

I is for Inuksuk

Walrod, Amy

retold by Sturge, Philemon

The Little Red Hen Makes Pizza

Walsh, Ellen Stoll

Mouse Paint

Walsh, Melanie

Living With MOm and Living With Dad

Ward, Lynd

Swift, Hildegarde H.

The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Grey Bridge

Warnes, Tim

Corderoy, Tracey

Monty and Millie: the totally amazing magic trick

Watt, Mélanie

Chester’s Masterpiece

Watts, Bernadette

The Smallest Snowflake

Watts, Leslie Elizabeth

Fitch, Sheree

There is a Mouse in My House

Weeks, Sarah

Angel Face

Follow the Moon

Mrs McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash

Wells, Rosemary

Bunny Party

Love Waves

Max and Ruby in Pandora’s Box

Yoko’s Show and Tell

West, Jim

Izen, Marshall

Why the Willow Weeps? A story told with hands

Whatley, Bruce

Wait! No Paint!

White, Michael P.

Deedy, Carmen Agra

Return of the Library Dragon

Wickstrom, Thor

Plourde. Lynn

Book Fair Day

Willems, Mo

Cat the Cat Who’s That?

Knuffle Bunny

We are in a Book

Williams, Sam

Ferguson, Sarah

Little Red

Weeks, Sarah

Bunny Fun


Winslow, Parker

Neitzel, Shirley

Who Will I Be? a Halloween Rebus

Winter, Jeanette

Sanfield, Steve


Wohnoutka, Mike

Magnuson Beil, Karen

Jack’s House

Wright, Johanna

Bunnies on Ice

Wyffels, Carianne

Van Mol, Sine



Mathilda and Hans

Yoo, Taeeun

McGhee, Allison

Only a Witch Can Fly

Young, James

Berger, Samantha

A Xylophone for X – Ray Fish

Higgins, Maxwell

Vera Viper’s Valentine

Zimmermann, Werner

Lawson, Julie

Whatever you do, don’t go near that canoe!


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