Bibliography: titles starting with the letter A

A Isn’t for Fox: An Isn’t Alphabet

Ulmer, Wendy

Laura Knorr

The Adventures of Abby Alligator

Fleming, Maria

Matt Phillips

The Adventures of Nutbrown Hare

McBratney, Sam

Anita Jeram


Gravett, Emily

Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse

Lionni, Leo

All the World

Garton Scanlon, Liz

Marla Freeze

All You Need for a Snowman

Schertle, Alice

Always and Forever

Durant, Alan

Debi Gliori

Andrew Drew and Drew

Saltzberg, Barney

Angel Face

Weeks, Sarah

Anna May’s Cloak

Cicioli, Christiane

Susan Pearson

Annie Was Warned

Krosoczka, Jarrett J.

Apple Cake: a recipe for love

Paschkis, Julie


Verplancke, Klaas

April Fool Phyllis

Leonard, Susanna Hill

Jeffrey Ebbeler


Gordon, Domenica More


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