Bibliography: titles starting with the letter B

B is for Brooklyn

Alko, Selina

Back to Front and Upside Down

Alexander, Claire

Bats at the Beach

Lies, Brian

Bear in Love

Pinkwater, Daniel

Will Hillenbrand

Bear in the Air

Meyers, Susan

Amy Bates

The Bear in the Book

Banks, Kate

Georg Hallensleben

Bear Snores On

Wilson, Karma

Jan Chapman

Bears in Bed

Parenteau, Shirley

David Walker

Bears on Chairs

Parenteau, Shirley

David Walker

Bear’s New Friend

Wilson, Karma

Jane Chapman

Bear’s Picture

Johnson, D.B.


Prelutsky, Jack

Brandon Dorman

Ben’s Flying Flowers

Maier, Inger

Maria Bogade

Ben’s Trumpet

Isadora, Rachel

Big Bad Bunny

Billingsley, Franny

G. Brian Karas

Big Bouffant

Hosford, Kate

Holly CLifton Brown

The Big Storm: a very soggy  counting book

Tafuri, Nancy

Billy Twitter and his Blue Whale Problem

Barnett, Mac

Adam Rex

Birdie’s Lighthouse

Hopkinson, Deborah

Kimberly Bulcken Root

A Birthday for Bear

MacDonald Denton, Kady

Black Beauty

Sewell, Anna (adapted by Eleanor Graham Vance)

Phoebe Erickson

Black Dog

Pinfold, Levi

The Black Rabbit

Leathers, Philippa

Blueberries for Sal

McCloskey, Robert

Blue Ribbon Henry

Calhoun, Mary

Erik Ingraham

The Boat in the Tree

Wynne-Jones, Tim

John Shelley

Bobby Bramble Looses his Brain

Keane, Dave

David Clarke

Book Fair Day

Plourde, Lynn

Thor Wickstom

A Book of Sleep

Il Sung Na

Bow Wow Wiggle Wiggle

Neewell De Palma

A Boy and his Bunny

Bryan, Sean

Tom Murphy

The Boy who Cried Bigfoot

Magoon Scott

Bringing Down the Moon

Emmett, Jonathan

Vanessa Cabban

Bubble Bear

Higgins, Maxwell

Maxie Chambliss

Bunnies on Ice

Wright, Johanna

Bunnies on the go getting from place to place

Walton, Rick

Paige Miglio

Bunny Fun

Weeks, Sarah

Sam Williams

Bunny Party

Wells, Rosemary


Fleming, Denise


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