Bibliography: titles starting with the letter O

Oak Island A Tale of Two Treasures

Donovan, Mary anne

Travis Hiltz

The Obstinate Pen

Dormer, Frank W.


The Odious Ogre

Juster, Norton

Jules Feiffer

Oh la la Polka Dot Boots

Olson Brown, Ellen

Christiane Engel

Oh No! Not Again (or How I built a time machine to save history) (or at least my history grade)

Barnett, Mc

Dan Santat

Old bear and his Cub

Dunrea, Oliver

Old Mama Squirrel

Erza Stein, David


Sif, Brigitta

Ollie & Moon

Kredensor, Diane

On My Island

Gay, Marie-Louise

Once There Was a House: a house that was a home

Smith, Alex T.

Once Upon a Time

Daly, Niki

One Duck Stuck

Root, Phyllis

Jane Chapman

One Lighthouse One Moon

Lobel, Anita

One More Acorn

Freeman, Don

One Morning in Maine

McCloskey, Robert

1-2-3 Peas

Baker, Keith

One Winter’s Day

Butler, Christina M.

Tina McNaughton

Only a Witch Can Fly

McGhee, Allison

Taeeun Yoo

Open This Little Book

Klausmeier, Jesse

Suzy Lee

The Other Side of Town

Agee, Jon


Weeks, Sarah

Sam Williams

Owly and Wormy Bright Lights and Starry Nights

Runton, Andy


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