Bibliography: Titles starting with the letter R

Rabbit and the Not-So-Big-Bad-Wolf

Escoffier, Michael

Kris Di Giacomo

The Rabbit Problem

Gravett, Emily

Rabbits and Raindrops

Arnosky, Jim

Rainbow Fish

Pfister, Marcus

Rainy Day Magic

Gay Marie-Louise

Rainy Days with Bear

Hull, Maureen

Leanne Franson

Rat and Roach Friends to The End

Covell, David

Reading to Peanut

Schubert, Leda

Amanda Haley

Red and Yellow’s Noisy Night

Selig, Josh

Red Hat

Judge, Lita

Red Knit Cap Girl

stoop, Naoko

Return of the Library Dragon

Deedy, Carmen Agra

Michael P. White

Ribbit, Rabbit

Ryan, Candace

Mike Lowery

Roar of a Snore

Arnold, Marsha Diane

Pierre Pratt

Rocket Writes a Story

Hills, Tad

Roslyn Rutabaga and the biggest hole on earth

Gay, Marie-Louise

Rude Ramsay and the Roaring Radishes

Atwood, Margaret

Dusan Petrecic


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