My Favorite Children’s Books starting with the letter T

For the letter T, the twentieth letter of the alphabet, I chose two titles:

Two Eggs Please

by Sarah Weeks

illustrated by Betsy Lewin

A simple story with a deep meaning. A story about differences and similarities and how people (just like eggs) may look different from the outside but are  really the same from the inside. Lovely illustrations using bubbles to simplify the text. 

two eggs

Tell me something Happy Before I go to Sleep

by Joyce Dunbar and illustrated by Debi Gliori

I can not pass the letter T without mentioning this book (one of my personal favorite!).

A lovely bedtime story written as a dialogue between  Willa and Willoughby, two adorable bunnies who come up  with a reason to fall asleep. Beautiful illustrations.


an illustrator:

Eleanor Taylor

for the book No Trouble at All

A beautiful bedtime story about a grandfather looking after his grandchildren and overlooking their mischief. Beautiful soft illustrations using pastel tones.


an author:

Mike Thaler for the Black Lagoon series illustrated by Jared Lee

Each one of these books is  about a member of the school staff from the principal to the janitor and how the unknown could  be more surprising than scary. Illustrated with details and humour.