O is for Oh

Oh No, George!

by Chris Haughton


George is an adorable dog, a typical dog who is constantly torn between wanting to do what he loves and knowing that he shouldn’t. A book with lovely illustrations about learning from one’s mistakes and  learning self-control. lovely illustrations


by Kevin Henkes

illustrated by Laura Dronzek



A simple book that beautifully describes how animals and children love to play in the snow. lovely artwork


My Favorite Children’s Books starting with the letter i

A Title:

Iggy Peck Architect

written by Andrea Beaty

illustrated by David Roberts


Very good rhyming story written in the third person. Good read aloud and great illustrations.

An author and illustrator:

Ayano Imai



Good story about  being appreciated after having been missed. Beautiful illustration with an original style

An illustrator:

Brie Ingman

The Seven Sneezes

written by Olga Cabral


Amusing story told in the third person. The different sneezing sounds makes it a good read aloud. Nice illustrations with a blend of      ” croquis ” and fuly finished drawings