V is for very

Here are three very different books with the word very in the title:

When Stella was very very small 

by Marie Louise-Gay


This beautiful book takes us into Stella’s world where imagination and creativity have no limits.

The Very Smart Pea and the Princess-to-be by Mini Grey





The classic story of the Princess and the Pea told from the point of view of the pea.

Clancy & Millie and the Very Fine House 

by Libby Gleeson and Freya Blackwood

It could be difficult to make a new house, a home. Cardboard boxes and imagination can spark a friendship that will do just that.



i is for ice and i is for island

There is something magical about islands. They stand alone strong and beautiful offering shelter to nature’s most precious treasures. Each and every one of them has something unique and it is in our nature to explore them. Continents, countries, states, provinces  cities, parks or private properties they all attract us in so many ways. I am so fortunate to have experienced all these types of islands. The most precious above all is a small  island on a small lake about one hour drive north of my  hometown, the island of Montréal. This is where I grew up and spent my summers. That beautiful island taught me everything I know about nature. Every spring I couldn’t wait to see her again. We saw each other only a few times between summers. On a cold and bright winter day it was always breathtaking to see her standing in the sparkling white snow with tones of green contrasting with the blue sky. When spring came and the ice started to melt, we had to be patient and wait until the ice sank to be together again.

At the end of April I plan to visit this beautiful island and I hope that the ice will be gone.

Do you know an island? How about visiting it this spring?

Islands and ice are the words I chose for the letter i and here are a few books about them.

On my Island written and illustrated by
Marie-Louise Gay

This beautiful book explores the world of imagination and shows that boredom is a state of mind.

Islands by Anne Smythe and illustrated by Laszlo Gal

A winter visit to an island with a special place in the heart of a young girl and her mother

Dolphin SOS written by poy and Slavia Miki and illustrated by Julie Flett

image of Dolphin SOS

This story about the rescue of 3 dolphins trapped in the ice is based on the true events in Seal Cove Newfoundland in 2009

Marja’s skis by Jean L,.Pendziwul and illustrated by Jirina Marton

A beautiful story about a rescue in a land of ice and snow

A is for autumn

With this beautiful season comes a new school year and so many books celebrating events from the  first day of school to Halloween and Thanksgiving.

I picked two rhyming books illustrated with details and humour:

My New Teacher and Me ! by Al Yankovic 

illustrated by Wes Hargis

In this delightful rhyming book,   little Billy, a boy with a big imagination brings a breath of fresh air to Mr Booth’s conventional ways.

A Plump and Perky Turkey by  Teresa Bateman

illustrated by Jeff Shelly


This rhyming book is a must around Thanksgiving. When the people of Squawk Valley looked for a turkey, they did not expect Pete to come to town…

Both of these books are a delight to read out loud !

My Favorite Children’s Books Starting with the Letter Q

I found an author:

Quinlan, Patricia

 to be fair I can not say that she is my favorite author starting with the letter Q. I read three of her books and my favorite  was:

Emma’s Sea Journey

illustrated by Jirina Marton

A journey into the imagination can do wonders to daily life boredom. Set in Glace Bay, Cape breton Nova Scotia



A shortage of letter Q

Oh ! the letter Q
What have I got myself into?
An author stating with Q
I am afraid I don’t have a clue

I am not just going to google it because when I started this I set some rules for myself. I choose books browsing the shelves of public and school libraries. These books have to appeal to me. Yes, we can judge picture books by their covers. I have to read the books and then choose my favorite ones. Ideally an author, illustrator and title for each letter. As I am doing this alphabetically (we librarians are slightly obsessed with alphabetical order) I am afraid Q will be cut short because I have a very short list to choose from.
I was at the public library a few days ago and when I went to the shelf where the picture books are, I found no letter Q. I have a few titles and no illustrator yet.
I came to the conclusion that there is a shortage of the letter Q

My Favorite Children’s Books starting with the letter L

An author

Andrew Larsen

and illustrator:

Irene Luxbacher

The Imaginary Garden

A beautiful story joining the imagination of two generations. Illustrated with an interesting blend of balck and white and color and reality and imagination.


A title:

Leon and the Place in Between

by Angela Mcallister

illustrated by Graham Baker Smith

This is more than seeing a magic show, this is seeing the magic. Beautifully illustrated.


My Favorite Children’s Books starting with the letter G

A title:

George Shrinks

written and illustrated by William Joyce

The original story of what became a popular animated TV series. The readers will wonder if George is really small or if he just imagines what it would be like … Hmmmm?


An author:

Phoebe Gilman

Something From Nothing


A classic! A life lesson passed through the generations. The illustrations reveal a parallel story with a family of mice at the bottom of each page. A must have!

An illustrator:

Marie-Louise Gay

Stella Fairy of the Forest


One of many books in the Stella series. The illustrations boost with imagination as much as the story does