P is for Purple

If you ever ask a little girl what her favorite color is, chances are her answer will be purple. This post is for everyone who love purple.

Purple, Green and Yellow

by Robert Munsch

illustrated by Hélène Desputeaux


When Brigid gets all the markers she wants and draws everything she can think of, what else can she do with them? A lovely story where art takes us beyond reality.

Lilly’s purple plastic purse

by Kevin Henkes


Lilly finds it hard to keep her excitement and enthusiasm to herself and it makes her do something she regrets. Thankfully, there is a solution to every problem and Lilly knows just what to do.



My Favorite Children’s Books starting with the letter P

The letter P brings plenty of choices,

A title and illustrator:

Princess Prunella and the Purple Peanut

by Margaret Atwood

Illustrated by Dusan Petricic

When a gifted author finds as many words as possible starting with the letter P and successfully puts them all together into a story, the reader is in for a real treat. This is a great read aloud. Illustrated with details and humour.



An Author and illustrator:

Beatrix Potter

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

A classic story with a main character children will identify with as well as parents, especially those who have a little Peter who has wandered in Mr MacGregor’s garden once or twice. Beatrix Potter’s lovely pastel illustrations portrait animals in familiar daily situations with incomparable charm.


A title:

The Paper Dolls

by Julia Donaldson

illustrated by

Rebecca Cobbs

Nice Story about childhood and growing up. The repetition makes it a good read-aloud