Bibliography: titles starting with the letter G

Gator Gumbo

Fleming, Candice

Sally Anne Lambert

George Shrinks

Joyce William

The Gingerbread man loose in the school

Murray, Laura

Mike Lowery

Giraffes can’t dance

Andreae, Giles

Guy Parker-Rees

The Girl in Red

Frisch, Aaron

Robert Innocenti

My Goat Gertrude

Dobson, Starr

Dayle Dodwell

Goldie and the three hares

Palatini, Margie

Jack E. Davis

Goldilocks and just one bear

Hodgkinson, Leigh

Good Morning Sam

Gay, Marie-Louise

Good News, Bad News

Mack, Jeff

The Great Paper Caper

Jeffers, Oliver

Guess how much I love you

McBratney, Sam

Anita Jeram

Guess what I found in dragonwood

Knapman, Timothy

Gwen Millward

Gus the Tortoise Takes a Walk

Arsenault, Erin

Richard Rudnicki


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